10 Sentimental Reasons to Buy and Use a Waterproof Picnic Blanket

What outdoor activities do you have planned? Are you going to go to the beach to spend the day relaxing? Or did you plan a hike through the mountains?

Whatever outdoor activity you have planned, the thing that you should always have with you is a waterproof picnic blanket. Here are the best, sentimental reasons why you should buy and use a waterproof picnic blanket.

1. The Best for On-the-Go Adventures

When you’re on the go, it’s nice to feel prepared and like you’re ready for anything. With waterproof blankets, you can be!

The blankets are waterproof, compact, and lightweight, so they are easy to care for and make storage in your car possible. Plus, with the waterproof material, you can wipe off the blanket and not worry about any of the outdoors coming into your car once you pack up.

2. Puncture Free

Are you tired of throwing things away because they rip or get too torn up? That is another one of the many reasons why waterproof blankets are great for any activity.

The material is polyester, which makes the blanket extremely durable and puncture-resistant. If you are camping and using the blanket as a tarp, you won’t have to worry about if the blanket will get torn up by the rocks on the ground.

3. Fits More Than One

These blankets are designed for anyone and everyone. When you go on a picnic or adventures outdoors, you are typically not alone. What fun would that be?

You need a blanket that fits more than one! The blanket can fit 2-4 people, and you should still have some room for your other things like your lunch you packed or your backpack.

The BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket is 55″x60,” so it is the ideal size for a small family or small group of friends.

4. No More Fussing With the Blanket

With the right waterproof blanket, you will never have to be straightening out the blanket over and over again to sit on the very corner.

The corners of the BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket have pockets that are designed to hold sand or stones so that the blanket stays connected to the ground.

There are also loops on the corners that are designed to hold camping stakes. Now you really know your blanket is not going anywhere.

5. So Many Uses

You can use the waterproof blankets as a picnic mat, sand proof beach blanket, or waterproof tarp while you are backpacking.

Going to a sporting event? These are great for sitting on the grass or ground, giving you a great spot while you’re watching the activities.

If an outdoor concert is on your summer bucket list, bring the waterproof blanket along and enjoy the evening!

We could keep going, but you get the idea, the waterproof blankets have a large variety of uses.

6. Hands-Free

If you are hiking, you can walk, scramble, or climb to your destination without carrying a big bulky blanket with these compact waterproof blankets.

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blankets even come with a pouch that the blanket folds into. It will fit right in the palm of your hand and it’s easy enough to carry or light enough to throw in a bag. The carabiner on the end allows you to hook it to your backpack if that makes things easier for you as you are on the go.

7. Stay Nice and Dry

It goes without saying, but a waterproof blanket is going to keep you nice and dry your entire adventure.

The top of the BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket is water-repellent, and the bottom of the blanket has a waterproof coating. So the blanket is absolutely 100% waterproof!

No more moisture getting through from the grass or morning moisture from your tent while camping. You stay nice and dry, and if the blanket does get extremely wet because of rain or other elements, it dries quickly.

8. Keep the Elements Off

Are you an avid beach-goer? Take the waterproof blanket camping where there is a lot of dirt and gravel.

The BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket is designed so that nothing sticks to you or your blanket. If you are at the beach, the sand will slide right off of the blanket, leaving the blanket clear.

If there is any leftover, the carrying pouch will catch it so that there is no mess in your bag or car.

If you are looking for your beach towel to do the same, the BEARZ Outdoor Quick-dry Towel is another beach essential!

9. Make a Statement

It is important that you feel good while you are out exploring. Waterproof blankets offer you the chance to show off your personal style with all of the different color options.

You can blend in with nature and get a color such as green, blue, or camouflage. You could also make a statement and choose a color like red, pink, or yellow.

10. Easy Clean up From Your Adventure

Did you know that even though they might not seem like it, waterproof blankets are extremely easy to clean?

For those times that you feel like you need to give your blanket a deep clean, simply hose or shower down the blanket. The material is waterproof, so it dries extremely quickly!

Enjoy the Best Waterproof Picnic Blanket

Now you understand why a waterproof picnic blanket is one of the best purchases you could ever make as an outdoor enthusiast or anyone who is constantly on the go.

The BEARZ Outdoor Compact Beach Blanket, Quick-dry Microfiber Towel, and Stakes are essentials for adventure.

If you are looking for the highest quality products for your next adventure, head over and get your gear now! Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions!

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