5 Ways to Be Comfortable During the Pandemic

The pandemic has taken away many of our favorite entertainments, like going to the movies, attending concerts, and international travel. It seems like we have been trapped inside forever, watching Netflix and the news.

For health, sanity, and for our families’ sakes, we cannot let COVID-19 take all the joy out of life! It is possible to practice good hygiene and protect ourselves and others while enjoying life.

Why not try out some day trips or overnight adventures? Pack a few essentials like your best beach blanket, some sanitary wipes, and a facemask, and get out there. There are a lot of ways to still have fun and enjoy the world, even during a pandemic.

1. Go to the Beach!

There is nothing like the pure, clean ocean breeze to help your lungs feel clear and healthy and to give you a renewed sense of vigor. Why not pack up your family for a fun day at the beach to get away from the stress and anxiety of coronavirus worry?

If you live in a warm climate in say California or Hawaii, go ahead and plunge into the ocean. You should still maintain a healthy distance from other people you don’t live with, but being outdoors and in the water is one of the safest places you can be. Just avoid big crowds.

Even if you live in a colder climate, it is super fun to walk along the windy coastline, catch sight of pretty gulls and other wildlife, and cuddle up in a big cozy beach blanket.

Pack a picnic, with thermoses of hot tea or cocoa to warm up with. Build sandcastles or throw a football around with members of your “pod.” You are sure to regain your sense of carefree happiness by getting out in nature this way, even in these stressful times.

2. Go Camping!

Another way to get out into nature is by hitting the woods. Pack up a tent, sleeping bag, and other necessities for a few nights out under the stars.

You can combine a camping trip with many different outdoor sports that allow you to stay away from crowds but still get a workout. You can kayak on a deserted lake, or try out some mountain biking trails.

Camping is a special way to bond with your family. If your kids have been chaffing from homeschooling and you have been going crazy being cooped up in the house, it is time to get out into nature.

By sleeping outside and cooking your dinner over an open fire, you can reassure your children that some things are eternal. No matter what scary stuff is going on right now, the trees, the air, and the stars will always be there for us.

Camping also can provide a much-needed respite from the constant onscreen interaction we are all plagued with during COVID. Time to unplug!

3. Find your Serenity

Maybe you can’t get away from home because someone is sick, or your work or school schedule does not permit. Then you have to find your fun and serenity at home.

Take some time away from work and family and do something that is restorative. Spread out a big beach mat and practice some yoga or Pilates. Stretch your muscles, and let those tense shoulders relax.

Light some candles, put on some soothing music, and close your eyes for a few minutes. Sit in the lotus position or any other pose that helps your body unwind. Give yourself a much-needed break in order to gather the strength to go through one more day under lockdown.

4. Try a Hike

If you cannot arrange for a full weekend camping trip, you can still benefit from the healing sustenance of nature by going on a simple hike. Some people even believe there are therapeutic benefits to what is called “forest bathing;” it not only helps your mood but it boosts your immunity!

Even going for a walk around your neighborhood can do you good (just make sure you remember your mask). You can work up a sweat, stimulate your senses, and get a fresh perspective by moving your body.

If you can get to a nearby mountain for a hike, pack what you need so you do not have to add to your worries. Include extra layers in case the weather changes, and bring plenty of water and healthy snacks.

Then plunge into the solitude and beauty. It will help you to remember that we will get through this!

5. Get Out on the Water

If you cannot get to the beach, maybe you can walk along the river in your city, or dangle your feet in a nearby pond or lake. Throw a fishing line in and see what comes up. Take your binoculars and try to identify the birds you see.

Some scientists believe there is an actual link between our states of mind and water. Maybe it is because our bodies are almost completely made up of this element? No matter why, whether you are on it or in it, water can help heal your soul when you are feeling stressed and out of sorts.

Can you go for a ride on a surfboard? Can you get out in a rowboat? Being on the water is a lovely escape. You can do it with your quarantine-mates or alone.

Making the Most of Life During COVID-19: From the Best Beach Blanket to a Pleasant Escape

You may feel better during these unprecedented times if you eat an ice cream sundae. Or you may be excited to find the best beach blanket for a great price! Whatever makes you feel better: it is OK!

We all need extra comforts nowadays. Go ahead and indulge in the little things that remind you of life’s little pleasures. If we actually learn something from the pandemic, it is that the things in life that really matter do not have to be expensive or fancy.

It can be as simple and comforting as a cozy spread or a cookout with your kids.

For more ways to get through this crazy time without losing your mind, check out our blog.

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