Be Outdoors. Be Wanderful.

Spending time in nature seems to have endless benefits. In today’s world when we are ever more engulfed with regime, routine, incessant stress and concrete walls, an increasing number of people are looking for an escape. More and more people, rightly so, find solace in nature.

In fact, nature isn’t really an escape from our lives – it really is like going back home. A going back to a place where we belong, something we feel eternally connected to, something within us. When we’re outdoors – whether we’re surrounded by lush natural greenery, the sky-high mountains, or gushing rivers – our minds seem to be put at ease, our bodies feel relaxed, and we experience a pure sense of calm.

With all the negative aspects of modern life burdening the modern human being, it’s not a surprise that there is a rise in mental health issues – anxiety, depression, anger disorders, and the list continues. Not only are the numbers sky-rocketing; it seems to be plaguing children and young adults like never seen before. And we wonder why? Life moves too fast in cities with all the demands and expectations, and naturally, many of us can’t keep up with all the noise that surrounds us. People start to feel lost, alienated, abandoned and detached. Everyone is busy on their phone, trying to beat the competition of who holds the best virtual life. A lot of people turn to pills and medication – whether prescribed or illegal – to solve stress-related issues, to cope with the pressure. People don’t realize that a lot of issues could be solved, or at least alleviated, by spending more time in nature.


Spending time in nature is known to calm our minds, bring us peace, and generally makes us happier beings. Looking at the vibrant, yet harmonious surroundings, hearing the sounds of the birds chirping, feeling the water flow past your fingertips… just imagining it brings a sense of peace to my mind. People are starting to realize the benefits of nature; as once upon a time people flocked to cities to pursue their dreams, now people dream of being outdoors, in nature’s hands. Aside from that, being in nature has great benefits for our physical health. Whether you’re hiking, catching that vitamin D, breathing in the fresh air, it really is hard to argue against it. There are plenty of studies that point out the various mental and physical benefits that are gained by spending more time in nature.

We are bombarded with information and deadlines in our daily life and being in nature allows us to just be. To just enjoy the true simple joys of life. To be present and appreciate each moment. Whether alone or with your loved ones, try to spend more time in nature and I guarantee it will help bring the good and stillness into your life that you need. Sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect.

Go for a walk in a park, a hike in the mountains, swim in a crystal-clear lake, or just lay by the beach. The choice is yours.

Be Outdoors. Be Wanderful.

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