A wildlife lover’s guide to exploring Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park

You’d be forgiven for assuming there’s little life in Death Valley, California, but contrary to its name, this national park is teeming with rare and diverse wildlife. Within one of the harshest environments on Earth hides a surprisingly diverse ecosystem, where adaptability and resilience have proven the strength of evolution and the will to survive. … Read more

New Year, New You?

Rocky Coast

It’s another cycle around the sun: new horizons, new beginnings… and new you, or so they say. There’s something about that phrase – New Year, New You – that just doesn’t quite ring well in my ears. As if – there is something inherently wrong with you, as of present. Now, don’t get me wrong, … Read more

7 Impressive Health Benefits of Being in Nature

Beautiful Scene Misty Old Forest with Sun Rays, Shadows and Fog

A walk in the woods can soothe the tired soul. Just ask the Japanese, who coined the term Shinrin-Yoku which literally translates to “forest bathing.” Research conducted across several Japanese forests found that practicing Shinrin-Yoku can lower cortisol, also known as the stress hormone. There are actually many benefits of being in nature that you … Read more

Best Bali Beaches, Indonesia

Top 8 beaches in and around Bali

This guide will not only give you must-see, best beaches in Bali, Indonesia. Each recommendation is accompanied with the reasons why each spot is visit-worthy! Best Bali Beaches & Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia Visiting Bali? Don’t limit yourself to this beautiful island, but open yourself to her magical neighbors – only a short boat ride … Read more

Be Outdoors. Be Wanderful.

Bali Indonesia

Spending time in nature seems to have endless benefits. In today’s world when we are ever more engulfed with regime, routine, incessant stress and concrete walls, an increasing number of people are looking for an escape. More and more people, rightly so, find solace in nature. In fact, nature isn’t really an escape from our … Read more