Summer Hiking in Colorado: 5 Hikes to Beat the Heat

Summer Hiking in Colorado: 5 Hikes to Beat the Heat

Had enough of the heat? The mercury is pushing 90°, making summer hiking in Colorado a potentially sweltering proposition, especially in the hills of the Front Range. To avoid having to sponge the salty sweat from your forehead at every turn, head for the high country, which is often 20 degrees cooler than the flats. … Read more

Wildlife Safety Guidelines: A Primer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Wildlife Safety Guidelines: A Primer for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Summer is prime time for hitting the trails and the waterways of America’s gorgeous backcountry. Which also means it’s prime time for running into the critters, large and small, for whom that backcountry is home sweet home. Every summer, headlines are made over unfortunate (or unwise) wildlife encounters across the country. Many of those encounters … Read more

Endangered Reefs and World-Class Diving: Why You Need to Visit Belize Now

Endangered Reefs and World-Class Diving Why You Need to Visit Belize Now

Three minutes on the clock. I look at my dive computer as I float above the mix of colors along the bottom of the ocean, dabbed here and there like a painter’s palette—here, a giant brain coral, there a waving purple sea fan. I wait patiently with my dive buddy, breathing deep. Suddenly, a click-click-click … Read more

15 of the Most Iconic Hikes in the World

15 of the Most Iconic Hikes in the World

The planet is crisscrossed with epic trails, from the Alps to the Andes. There are snowy summit trips for fleet-footed peak-baggers, long and leisurely rambles for wildlife lovers, and everything in between. While the options are almost infinite, here are a few epic hikes to add to that ever-expanding life list. 1. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania A … Read more

Navigating the Many Faces of Costa Rica: Tropical Adventure at a “Pura Vida” Pace

Sandbar strolling along the Whale's Tail of Costa Rica's Marino Ballena National Park

Costa Rica is a country with many personalities. Retired snowbirds come to escape winter and find solace in the warmth of swinging hammocks, while wild beach parties catcall out to college students on break. With everything from luxurious infinity pools to machete-wielding coconut dealers, Costa Rica drips green with ecological wonder and has something for … Read more

5 Great Winter Hikes in Seattle

Mt. Baker as a beautiful backdrop

In Washington, the highest of the high country can be snowed in deep from October to June. And that’s true even in a warm winter like this one. But no matter where the mercury falls, there’s a place to lace up your boots—whether you’re craving a quadburner or a riverside ramble, a quick morning jaunt … Read more

Best Bali Beaches, Indonesia

Top 8 beaches in and around Bali

This guide will not only give you must-see, best beaches in Bali, Indonesia. Each recommendation is accompanied with the reasons why each spot is visit-worthy! Best Bali Beaches & Things To Do In Bali, Indonesia Visiting Bali? Don’t limit yourself to this beautiful island, but open yourself to her magical neighbors – only a short boat ride … Read more