Don’t Throw in the Towel: Beach Season Lives On

If there’s one place that has really been hurt by COVID-19, it’s our wonderful beaches. On July 4th alone, many of our beaches across the country were shut much to the disappointment of many Americans.

Luckily many beaches are now open for you to enjoy!

If you do head out to the beach, you want to consider buying the right outdoor gear from us. This can help you enjoy the many fun sports and make your beach day memorable.

So which are the right sports towels and gear to bring along with you? This guide will tell you what sports towel to bring and what to do when you head to the beach!

Before looking into our sports towels and what fun you can have at the beach, make sure you also pack your other preliminary beach items. You also want to make sure you research on the day of, what the rules of the beach are.

You want to check if it’s entirely open and if there are any entry rules due to the pandemic.

Now let’s look at some of our products:

BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket

You need to make sure you have a great beach blanket with you. Our BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket is the perfect option. Beach blankets are often a pain to carry with you, but this one comes in a small drawstring bag making it convenient to bring along.

This blanket is waterproof and its dimensions are 55 inches by 60 inches. It’s also sand-proof and is great for relaxing. For example, if you love to lie down on the beach or enjoy a picnic, you can rest and keep everything on this beach blanket.

They are also multi-purpose. They work as a picnic blanket, tarp, and even a waterproof barrier. They’re affordable and portable so you can get one for each person in your group!

BEARZ Outdoor Microfiber Travel Towel

Finding the right sports towel can be a real challenge for many beach lovers. Our outdoor microfiber travel towel is perfect for sports lovers. It can be folded up and packed into a small, lightweight carry bag.

These are able to dry quickly, are compact, and are super absorbent. If you want to go for a long swim and need to dry off this is the perfect towel. If you love yoga, this towel works as a great base and is known for its softness.

It also works for a plethora of other sports. Whether you want to play golf, ride in a kayak, play basketball or football, or enjoy an intense workout you can depend on this towel to dry yourself off in a matter of seconds.

BEARZ Outdoor Plastic Stakes

If you are lucky enough to have a hill or mountain by your preferred beach, then you’ll know one of the great outdoor sports is hiking! If you do decide to go hiking, you’ve probably perused your local outdoor sports store to look for stakes.

However, our outdoor plastic stakes can beat any other on the market. These are multifaceted and work for holding down your camping tent, keeping your beach blanket from flying in the wind, and much more!

These are 5.9 inches tall and come in a pack of 4. They also fit easily in a small portable drawstring bag.

Whether you’re going hiking or want to relax later for you a picnic, you’l depend on the sturdiness of these stakes to keep everything in place!

Make sure you get all 3 products and recommend them to your friends. These will make your next beach outing more enjoyable.

Now let’s look at some of the fun you can have at your next beach trip!


Beach fitness has been the rave for some time. But the pandemic has made it more popular than ever. People from all across the globe are now giving more importance to their health and overall wellbeing. Even while gyms are closed, this hasn’t stopped people working out from home.

As beaches open, you can find you and your friends will enjoy fitness while enjoying nature. The calm waves of the ocean can bring you a sense of calm as you exercise. You’ll also enjoy the views as you and your friends get in your best shape.

Even if you’ve never exercised on a beach before, we recommend that you do so on your next trip. Bring a few weights, exercise bands, etc. along with our gear to enjoy your day.


There are a number of great sports that you can enjoy at a beach. Swimming is always a great option of course, but we also recommend running. Running is a great option for improving your respiratory health if swimming isn’t your thing.

Beach volleyball, beach soccer, and ping-pong are also great sports. Ever since the pandemic started, we have all had to distance ourselves from our loved ones. Playing a fun team sport is a great way to catch up with old friends and enjoy a great activity together.

The Beach Season Lives on

While the pandemic has put our lives in a twist, beaches are finally re-opening up all over the country. This means that the beach season lives on.

If you’ve been eager to head back to the beach we encourage you to do so. You might be nervous if you haven’t gone out in months, but now is the time to enjoy the beach and participate in a great fitness activity or sport while you’re at it!

Reach out to your friends today and book a date to head to the beach. Let them know about our outdoor gear so that they can be prepared just like you!

Find the Right Sports Towel

Now that you know the different types of outdoor gear that we offer, you can find the right ones for your beach day. Share this with your friends and invite them along.

If you want to play sports on the beach more often, you should check out what we suggest to add to your sports bag. If we can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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