Find the Best Camping Blanket for Your Wilderness Outing

Planning to spend a night under the stars? Very few things compare with the experience of camping in the wilderness.

But in order to enjoy your outing, you need to be comfortable. Whether you plan on sleeping in a tent, in the back of your truck or car, or on the ground with a perfect view of the stars, you’re going to need a quality camping blanket.

But there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right blanket. Bringing that extra blanket from your linen closet is a recipe for disaster. Not only will it be too bulky, but the materials aren’t meant to perform outdoors.

Keep reading to discover the best camping blanket to take with you on all of your outdoor adventures, from the beach to the mountains, and everywhere in between.

Packable and Lightweight

One of the most important considerations when choosing camping gear of any kind is the space it takes up in your backpack or car, and how heavy it is. The best camping blankets will be ultra-packable and lightweight.

They should be able to pack down into a minuscule package so they can be tucked away into your backpack. If it packs small enough, you can even stow them in your car’s glove compartment, purse, or pocket in a pinch. If it has a loop or a clip, you can conveniently hook it to the outside of your backpack, taking up no space whatsoever in your bag.

If you are backpacking or hiking to your campsite, having lightweight gear is crucial. Modern camp blankets are made of lighter materials that are more effective at retaining heat than traditional household blankets.

If the camping blanket you are considering doesn’t pack smaller than a water bottle, don’t bother with it.

Moderate Warmth

A lightweight, polyester camping blanket can give you additional warmth on cool, summer nights. It will help block the wind, keeping you from getting chilly.

Depending on where you plan to camp, the blanket may work well in the fall or springtime as well. If you plan to camp in colder weather, this works as an additional layer between your sleeping bag and the ground, or as a liner inside your sleeping bag.

Water and Sand-Resistant

Anything you plan to take outdoors will be exposed to the elements. This means rain, dirt, sand, and mud. A poorly designed outdoor blanket will retain moisture, dirt, and sand making your blanket useless when you need to use it in the great outdoors.

But luckily, you can choose a waterproof camping blanket that repels water rather than absorb it. So if you get caught in the rain, you can even wrap it around yourself to stay dry, helping to prevent hypothermia.

When an outdoor blanket is waterproof, it will naturally work to repel sand, dirt, and mud as well. So you can lay it out on the beach during the day, then sleep comfortably at night without any sand in your tent.

Camping Blankets Should Be Versatile

Camp gear needs to be versatile. Everything you bring to your campsite should serve multiple purposes. When you choose the right camping blanket, it can serve double, or even triple duty.

For one, you can use it as an extra layer to stay warm as you sleep. You’ll also be able to use it as a picnic blanket or camping mat, to keep sand and dirt away as you relax outside.

You can also use it as an emergency rainfly to protect you from the rain, or as a tarp to protect yourself from wet ground.

Impressive Durability

A proper camping blanket won’t get rips or tears during your first excursion outdoors. In fact, it should last many years.

You can find a camping blanket that is puncture and tear-resistant so that you can lay these out on the ground without worry.

Attractive Design

As someone who spends a lot of time outdoors, your gear is an expression of who you are. Camp blankets, and other gear, should come in a variety of colors and designs so that you can truly be yourself each time you camp.

Get the BEARZ Outdoor Pocket Blanket for Your Next Adventure

If you are looking to get your hands on the best outdoor blanket you can find, look no further than the BEARZ Outdoor Pocket Blanket. We’ve crafted this blanket to pack down into the palm of your hand, so you can take it anywhere and everywhere.

Bring it to the beach, to the campsite, or on an airplane, without it taking up valuable space in your bag. The durable, waterproof, and sand-resistant material will keep you comfortable and dry outdoors.

Plus, it’s super versatile. Use it as a ground cover under your hammock when camping, or as a rainfly above your hammock to protect you from the rain or even the sun. Lay it out on the floor to sit on when waiting for your favorite band at a music festival.

You can even use it to block the wind and keep two people warm at the same time. It can even function as an emergency tarp, keeping you warm and safe in harsh conditions.

A convenient carabiner hook allows you to clip it to the outside of your backpack or purse. Available in multiple colors, you can choose the perfect camping blanket for your style.

They are the perfect companions for your adventures, both close to home and across the globe. Toss it in your bag and you’ll never notice it’s there. But when you need it, you’ll be glad you brought it.

Get Your Perfect Camping Blanket Today

Few things are as useful as a packable, waterproof, durable camping blanket. They can be used in so many different ways to keep you comfortable in many different climates and situations.

Once you have your BEARZ Outdoor Pocket Blanket, you’ll never leave home without it. Ready to order yours today? You can find all of our blankets, and other products, on Amazon for easy ordering and shipping.

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