How to Properly Care for Your BEARZ Outdoor Camping Towel

So, you’ve bought a BEARZ Outdoor camping towel and you love it, but now what? Some of the most amazing things about our towels are that they’re quick-dry, compact, and soft and with proper care, you can continue enjoying the ease and convenience of these towels for years to come!

When you’re out camping, washing towels isn’t at the top of your mind. You simply dry yourself off and then hang your towel up until you need it again! But as with all of your camping gear, the majority of your towel care will happen when you’re back home before you pack everything away for your next trip.

We’ve compiled a complete BEARZ Outdoor towel care guide to help you learn how to properly care for and extend the life of your towels. Read on to learn more!

What is a Camping Towel?

If you’re here and you haven’t yet purchased one of our towels, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Are microfiber camping towels really that different from regular cotton towels?

In short, yes! Your regular bath towels are probably made of a soft cotton material that is suitable for occasional use and washing and will probably stay wet or damp for an extended time. Those towels are bulky and heavy, so they aren’t ideal for camping situations.

What makes our camping towel so exceptional, is that each set comes with a full-sized microfiber bath towel, a smaller microfiber face or hand towel, a mesh carrying bag, and a convenient carabiner you can use for hanging or storing your items. Even if you’re not backpacking to your campsite, every bit of weight and space you can save yourself will make a big difference!

Camping Towel Care Guide

Proper towel washing and storage are the keys to good towel care. When you’re out camping, your towels will be exposed to the elements and the more you love and use them, the more carefully you’ll have to monitor their care.

Before First Use

When you first receive your towels, wash and thoroughly dry them before you take them on your trip. You can hand wash them or machine-wash them on a cold setting with light colors and mild detergent.

Don’t use any bleach or fabric softeners on your towels. Hang your towels to dry, then fold and pack them for your trip. If you won’t be taking a trip right away, you can store the towels in the carrying bag and keep them with your camping gear until it’s time to pack for your trip.

During Your Trip

After each use, make sure you hang your towels to dry to prevent any funky smells from developing. Drying towels won’t take very long, so if you need to, you can clip them to your backpack or hang them from a branch while you pack up camp.

These towels are durable, but remember that sharp surfaces like rocks and sticks could snag or rip the fabric. You can hand wash the towel while you’re camping if you’ll be out for a longer trip or if dirt starts to build up, just remember to let it air dry completely before packing it up again.

Personal hygiene is important while you’re camping, so keeping yourself and your towel clean can help keep you comfortable.

After Your Camping Trip

After your camping trip, it’s best to clean and dry your camping gear before packing it all away. Setting up your tent again to sweep it out and make sure it’s dry, washing your linens and sleeping bags, and checking over your gear are all good practices.

Your BEARZ Outdoor towels can be washed with other linens of similar color, just remember to keep the water at a cool temperature and don’t use bleach or fabric softener. After the wash cycle, pull your towels out and hang them up to air dry.

Once your gear is cleaned, dry, and packed back down, store everything in a way that will keep everything dry long term. A good tip is to store your gear in plastic bins, but any method can work depending on your situation. Keeping your BEARZ Outdoor camping towels with your gear will ensure you don’t forget them the next time you take a trip.

Why You Should Choose BEARZ Outdoor Gear

Here at BEARZ Outdoor, we care about providing you with high-quality, durable products that you can take with you on every adventure. We take the time to think about every detail of the products from the convenient hanging loops to the extra water-resistant pocket on your carrying bag. With proper care and washing practices, you can keep your camping towel soft and vibrant for as long as you want.

You can also buy our compact outdoor blanket which packs down small enough to fit in your hand and is great for picnics. The blanket is waterproof, sand and dirt proof, and even puncture resistant. We also carry plastic stakes which are perfect for securing your outdoor blanket on a windy day and you can use them as backup tent stakes.

For more information about BEARZ Outdoor gear or for any questions about our products, feel free to contact us. To learn more about how our products can make your favorite activities even more fun, visit our outdoor journal.

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