How to Wash Microfiber Towels?

Before we get to that, let me just go through something real quick.

Why would you give up using your regular towels?

Yes, I agree. Regular fluffy, voluptuous towels have their perks. They comfort us and somehow remind us of home. And they’re all we really know. Why give that all up for a microfiber towel? And what is a microfiber towel anyway? Well, sirs, madams, because we have to get with the times. Times are evolving and we shouldn’t get left behind in our comfort zone. That’s dangerous. And we must be prepared. Be very prepared. Especially if your life is all about traveling, exploring, being outdoors, playing sports – if you’re always on the run and don’t strive to be a couch potato.
You, yes, you. Do you go camping or hiking? Do you play sports or like boating or swimming? Not outdoorsy? Maybe you prefer hitting the gym? Or do you simply like traveling and exploring? Well – then, this towel is for you.

  • Ultra-compact
  • Lightweight as a feather
  • Super-absorbent
  • Fast-drying
  • Antibacterial
  • Soft – a different kind of silky soft

If you’re a traveler or camper, you will know just how important it is to save space in your baggage and to carry light. How important it is to have something that’s fast drying. Heck, a gym-goer, sportsperson, or any kind of active person will know just how vital that is. We proudly present to you our BEARZ Outdoor Microfiber Towel Set! This is a lightweight – yet large – towel that folds up compactly to fit nicely in an included carry bag AND it comes with a free hand/ face towel AND a carabiner. Intrigued? Read on.

BEARZ Outdoor Microfiber Towels vs cotton towels

What is a microfiber towel anyway?

A microfiber towel is just like a regular towel – with enhanced features. The material is thinner – helping you to save space and making it incredibly lightweight. The towel is made up of tiny fibers that make it super absorbent, picking up at any extra water molecules, dirt and residue so that none is left behind. This feature gives the microfiber towel its unique antibacterial quality – it will simply wipe and clean you off more effectively than a regular cotton towel. Granted, there are different uses for microfiber towels, including using them as household cleaning cloths (with what you’ve just learned, there’s no surprise as to why, right?).

Our BEARZ Outdoor Microfiber Towels were specially designed to use for your body. Why? The material is made of a unique microfiber material that is super soft and almost silky – which feels great on your body. The awesome quality and features of the towel makes it super-absorbent, yet extremely fast drying. You’ll also find adjustable hang loops on the edges of the towels so that you can simply clip it onto a pipe, branch, or whatever that’s available. Wherever you are – no restrictions! It’s pretty handy when you’re outside, you can just clip the towel onto a branch and let it hang and dry away.

Our BEARZ Outdoor Microfiber Towel Set also comes with a carry bag and a carabiner – so that you can clip the carry bag onto your bag to save space. Oh, and the carry bag is equipped with a water-resistant pocket, so you can keep your valuables dry and safely zipped away! So many conveniently cool features for this microfiber towel set!

Finally – How to wash microfiber towels?

And here we are. Firstly, check the wash tag attached to the towel for any particular instructions. However, if you’d like to keep your microfiber towel as ultra-absorbent, soft, and antibacterial for as long as possible – basically if you don’t want to damage the unique properties of this material – you should do as follows:

  • Wash your microfiber towel before first use
  • Wash your microfiber towel with like colors
  • Wash your microfiber towel in a cold wash (20-30° degrees Celcius; 68-86° Fahrenheit) with detergent only
  • Use a specialized microfiber detergent or perfume-free detergent, if possible
  • Do not use fabric softener or bleach
  • Use a delicate cycle, if possible
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not iron

But why?

The heat

Basically, microfiber towels are made up of small fibers that help to collect residue, dirt, water droplets, etc. effectively. If you would expose these towels to extreme heat, these tiny fibers would be destroyed and the material would lose its effectiveness. That’s why it’s important not to iron or tumble dry your microfiber towel in high heat – let’s keep those fibers firm.

Mild detergent

Again, to keep the microfiber towel’s unique properties intact, it’s best to use a mild detergent or a specialized detergent. Simply because you want to maintain the awesome features of this towel, and not to destroy it by using intrusive cleaning products.

Alas! You know all there needs to be known about washing microfiber towels! So, there you go! Quite simple, isn’t it? Now go on and enjoy using your ultra-light, super-absorbent, antibacterial microfiber towel! Especially that BEARZ Outdoor one. 😉

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