The Ultimate Festival Packing List

With summer just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to soaking up the sun and enjoying time with friends and family again.

If you’re hoping to make it to a music festival this year, there are a few things you need to pack to have a great time without any unexpected emergencies.

We’ve got you covered with a complete festival packing list to make sure you don’t miss anything. Get ready to relax and enjoy the music and culture of the festival season.

Festival Essential Packing List

You need to have a few things on your person for festival days to not miss any concerts by having to run back to the tent constantly. Festivals are usually in hot climates, so it’s a no-brainer that you must have a water bottle on you.

Most festival venues have places where you can refill your water supply. Make sure you opt for a reusable water bottle; that way, if you drop it on the ground while dancing, it won’t be immediately smashed underfoot.

It’s important to choose a water bottle that’s stainless steel and insulated so that you can enjoy a refreshing drink of cold water on hot days.

Most festival stands take major credit cards. However, it’s always a good idea to have some cash on you just in case. Find a bag that’s hands-free, like a fanny pack or cross-body, so that you can keep your phone and wallet close to your body without any chance of losing them.

Sun protection is vital when you’re outdoors all day. Even if the weather is cloudy, you still need to protect your skin! Be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen and some hats and sunglasses to shade your face throughout the day.

Remember that music festivals are fun, but they aren’t known for being clean. Pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag or some wet wipes if you aren’t able to wash your hands.

Days out in the heat around crowds of people are a recipe for perspiration. Don’t worry too much about sweating through your clothes; everyone else is in the same boat. However, if you want to stay dry throughout the day, pack a small towel in your bag.

Microfiber towels are the most absorbent and take up less space in your bag. This set of towels comes with one small one to carry around with you and a large one to keep at the campsite.

Festival Camping Packing List

If you and your friends plan to camp near the festival, there are a few camping essentials that will keep you comfortable and safe in the outdoors.

Depending on the campground terrain, you may need a sleeping mat along with your blankets and sleeping bag so you can get a restful night’s sleep.

You want to make sure your tent stays secure no matter what the weather conditions are. So, when packing your tent, don’t forget about the stakes!

Some kind of multi-tool is essential for solving any problem that might arise while camping. They often include scissors and a knife and occasionally pliers for any cutting or fastening.

Pack some folding chairs and a cooler to relax with friends every night and keep your food and drinks from going bad. If you don’t have space for folding chairs, opt for a beach blanket, so you don’t have to sit directly on the ground.

The lights from the festival might not be enough to help you find the bathroom at night. Make sure you pack a headlamp so you can always find your way back to the campground.

Speaking of finding your way back, a great tip for festivals is to buy a tent marker. Some flag that’s distinct and recognizable will help you locate your tent amidst a sea of campers.

Must-Have Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories are often the first things people consider when they start their festival packing list. Festivals are an opportunity to make a fashion statement. However, you also want clothes that are comfortable and practical for long days of walking and dancing.

The most important clothing item is a sturdy pair of shoes. Opt for Chacos or any waterproof sandals with adequate arch support for hot climates, so your feet don’t get sore.

Find a rain jacket that you can easily throw over any outfit if the weather gets wet. You may not want to be in a poncho all day, but it’s much better than getting soaked!

Even if the day is a scorcher, it might get a bit chilly when the sun goes down. Make sure to bring a hoodie or jacket that can keep you warm in the evenings. You can always tie it around your waist if you work up a sweat.

A swimsuit isn’t just for jumping in the pool at festivals; it’s an all-day clothing essential. The fabrics are meant to withstand water and dry quickly. You can wear it under your clothes and shed layers as the day goes on.

Miscellaneous Items

Now that you have the essentials covered, there are a few more things you might need. Try to keep your toiletries to a minimum and only bring what you’ll use.

Dry shampoo is a must if you aren’t able to wash your hair. It will give your hair the boost it needs to stay looking fresh every day. Don’t ruin your time by having to deal with uncomfortable bug bites. Make sure to pack some bug spray and reapply throughout the day.

Remember, it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. That statement is especially true when it comes to packing a first aid kit. Even if you’re sure you will stay safe throughout the festival, you never know what could happen.

Plus, little cuts are small injuries that could worsen if you don’t deal with them right away.

Create Your Festival Packing List and Prepare for the Time of Your Life!

Each person’s festival packing list will look a little different. There are plenty of extra things you could bring depending on your interests and style. However, we hope this guide has helped you cover the essentials to relax and have a great time this festival season.

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