These Are the Important Things to Take Camping

Going on a camping trip soon? If so, there are a number of items that you’re going to want to bring along with you. Failure to bring these items could put quite a damper on your experience.

Curious as to the important things to take camping? Then read on. We’re going to review them in detail below.


Unless you have a camper or an RV, you’re going to need something to sleep in. In most cases, this “something” is going to be a tent.

Note, however, that there are other options as well. For instance, you could sleep in a covered hammock instead.

Remember to bring along supplement items as well, like these ground stakes.

Ground Blanket

Sitting directly on the grass has its benefits, but it’s not always the best option. In many cases, you want a ground blanket to keep you away from mud and insects.

There are all sorts of ground blankets available on the market today, like this one right here.


You’re not going to have a refrigerator out there, but you’re still going to need to keep things cool. As such, you’re going to want to bring a cooler along with you.

Consider investing in a plastic, airtight model, as they’re designed to maintain ice for up to 3 days at a time.


Whether you’re sleeping in a camper, a tent, or an RV, you’re going to need to bring appropriate bedding along on your trip. Depending on the weather and your sleeping conditions, this could include anything from sleeping bags to sleeping bag liners to comforters to sheets and more. You’re also going to want to throw a pillow in your bag as well.


Generally speaking, it’s wise to bring an awning along on camping trips. This will protect you not only from the sun but from precipitation as well.

The last thing you want is to be exposed to the elements for the entire duration of your trip. Sunburns and sicknesses could be the result.


Whether you’re drying yourself off after a shower or are laying out on a beach or riverbank, you’re going to want to have a towel with you. Any towel will do, but if you’re looking to buy one currently, you should consider a microfiber model.

Hiking Boots

If you’re like many campers, you’re going to do some hiking while on your trip. If so, you’re advised to bring some hiking boots. You never know what kinds of terrains you might run into on the trails.


What’s camping without a fire? Not much at all, in our opinion. As such, you’re going to want to make sure that you have some firewood packed.

You might also consider packing supplemental firestarter materials. These run the gamut from newspaper to lighter fluid to firestarter blocks and the like.

Fire Sticks

Whether you’re roasting marshmallows or just trying to properly position your firewood, you’re going to need to make use of fire sticks. Bring along a bundle of them so that everyone can get in on the fun.

Lawn Chairs

You’re not going to want to lay on the ground the entire time. As such, you’d better take some lawn chairs along with you. You don’t need anything fancy; if you can sit on it, it will get the job done.

Folding Table

Many campsites come equipped with picnic tables. That said, not all of them do. If yours doesn’t, you’re going to want to bring a folding table along with you.

After all, you need something on which to place your food and your drinks and your various other supplies. A simple folding table will do.


When the night falls, things are going to get pretty dark out there. In fact, it might be near-impossible for you to see.

For this reason, you need to make sure to bring plenty of lighting. Not only should you bring flashlights but lanterns as well. And if you really want to light up your camping spot, you should consider bringing solar powered ground lights as well.

A Hat

Being outside all day is bound to expose you to a good deal of sunlight. To protect your face from burning, you’re advised to help cover it with a hat. A baseball cap will do, but if you want the best protection possible, you should instead opt for a wide-brimmed hat like a Boonie or a bucket hat.


You’ve got to eat. And it’s unlikely that you’ll be foraging for nuts and berries. Because of this, you had better make sure that you bring some food along.

There is no limit as to what foods you can bring. However, the campfire classics include hot dogs, s’ mores, burgers, bacon, eggs, and the like.


Human beings need water in order to function. This is doubly true when they’re spending full days under the hot sun. While your campsite might have water available, you want to also be sure to take plenty of your own.

Kitchen Stuff

Though you might be able to prepare foods with fire and your bare hands, we wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, you should bring along appropriate kitchen appliances, like toasters, microwaves, pots, pans, utensils, and the like. The more you bring along, the easier the preparation process will be.

Trash Bags

Over the course of a 2 or 3-day camping trip, you’re bound to produce a substantial amount of trash. Don’t dispose of it by throwing it on the ground. Instead, make sure to put it in strategically-placed trash bags.

Looking for Other Things to Take Camping?

And there they are, the most important things to take camping. Bring these items along with you, and you’re sure to have a great trip.

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