What to Pack for a Picnic Date

Warm weather is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start planning some fun, outside dates. You can enjoy the fresh air, the sunshine, and good company throughout the spring and summer.

One warm-weather outdoor date that always goes over well is a picnic. A romantic picnic for two is a classic all couples have to try at least once. Not sure what to pack for a picnic for two?

No worries because this guide will break down all the essentials. Here is everything you should pack for a romantic picnic date for two.

Picnic Basket, Of Course

You’re not going to carry all of the food and drinks in your arms, so, of course, the first thing you need is a picnic basket. You can choose one of any style as long as you’re able to fit the essentials.

Some picnic baskets may already have silverware included; others may only be the basket. Choose whichever style suits you best. And be sure that it’s comfortable to carry, as you may be lugging it a bit of a distance.

A Blanket to Sit On

Whether you have your picnic on the beach, in a park, or up in the mountains, you’re not going to want to sit on the ground. So be sure to pack a blanket you can spread out and get comfortable on.

This blanket will probably get dirty, so avoid any that you want to take to bed that night. And opt for a blanket with a waterproof layer to avoid accidentally soaking your clothes.

An Insulated Cooler

You can keep some food in a picnic basket, but others may need to stay cool. Bring a cooler along on your picnic to keep any fruits and vegetables fresh and from any dairy or meats from spoiling.

A cooler is also great for keeping your beverages chilly. Nobody wants to drink warm lemonade or flat sparkling water on a picnic. Be conscious of the weight of the cooler if you have to walk long distances.

Flatware, Plates, and Napkins

Next, you’ll need something to eat on and eat with while you picnic. Be sure to pack plates and silverware for you and your date to eat. You should also bring serving flatware if you don’t separate the food into individual portions.

Don’t forget about packing some napkin both for wiping your hands and faces but also in case there are any spills. Bring reusable plates and cutlery to help reduce your carbon footprint.


After getting to your desired picnic location, you’re going to want a sip of something refreshing. Depending on what you have to drink, you may want to have cups, stemless wine glasses, or both.

Whichever style of drinkware you choose, it’s a good idea to keep it plastic or metal rather than glass. You want to reduce the risk of the glass breaking or leaving a few shards behind. You can always reuse your plastic and metal cups for your next outing!

Sunscreen and Bug Spray

If you’re going to be outside, these two are a must. You should apply sunscreen at least thirty minutes before you’re going to be out in the sun and reapply every two hours while you’re still out.

A picnic won’t be fun if you’re constantly being bitten and walk away with a bunch of bites. So be sure to pack bug spray as well. Put it on before getting to your picnic destination so you don’t have to spray it near your goods.

Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes

There’s a good chance that where you go to picnic won’t have running water. And if there’s one lesson we’ve all learned, it’s to maintain our hand hygiene. So come prepared with hand sanitizer and wet wipes to maintain your hygiene.

You should use sanitizer before you start eating and use wet wipes to clean up any messes. Wet wipes will especially come in handy if you have any foods with a messy sauce.

Delicious Food

When planning a picnic date, many people stress over what picnic food to pack. While some dishes may be picnic classics, you don’t have to bring them to a picnic.

Cater your romantic picnic menu for two to your tastes. Have more dessert if that’s more your style. When it comes to choosing your dishes, keep in mind how well they will transport and how well they will keep.

Don’t choose anything that might melt like ice cream or need to be warmed up like soup.

Water, Wine, and More

Don’t allow your picnic to be dry, be sure you’ve packed some beverages. If you have to hike to your locations, you’re going to want to start the picnic with some refreshing water. So bring a few bottles.

You may also want to consider a juice like lemonade for a nonalcoholic refreshment. If you want to up the romantic feel, you can pack a bottle of wine or champagne if the area you’re in allows.

A Camera and Some Activities

You can make your picnic unforgettable by bringing some fun activities and games for you to play. Bring canvases and paint and have a paint and picnic date. Or bring a deck of cards or a two-person board game to enjoy.

After a truly unforgettable date, you’ll want to remember the moments. Bring a camera to document the day and all the details. You can use a digital camera or get a cute instant Polaroid camera for keepsake photos.

An Unforgettable Picnic Date for Two

When the sun comes out and the weather begins to get nicer, you have to spend more time outside. What better way to soak up the spring and summer rays than with a romantic picnic date for two.

As a classic date idea, a picnic date is an ideal way to spend some quality time with someone you love. If you don’t know what to pack for a picnic, it’s not the end of the world. There may even be a few items you never thought to pack.

This quick guide will have you planning the picture-perfect in no time. Ready to pack for your romantic picnic? Don’t forget the best outdoor blanket!

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