What’s In Your Kit Bag? 9 Things You Need in Your Sports Kit Bag

Whether you’re hitting the gym or meeting some friends for a pick-up game, it helps to be prepared.

Plan for your physical activities in advance by keeping a sports kit with essential items in your car or by your front door ready to go. This saves you time and makes it easier for you to easily fit exercise into your daily routine.

Here are nine items everyone should pack in their sports kit.

1. Activewear

Stay prepared for engaging in physical activity at any time by keeping an extra pair of workout clothes or athletic shorts and a t-shirt in your sports kit bag. And don’t forget to include a pair of sneakers – whatever is most appropriate for your favorite activity. You never know when you might find time to squeeze in a workout or decide to take a run after work.

If you live by the beach or your gym has a pool, you should also keep a swimsuit on hand. Swimming is great exercise on its own and a quick dip can be refreshing post-workout.

2. Water Bottle

Stay hydrated to achieve better results when working out. Keeping an empty water bottle in your sports kit bag is an easy way to make sure you’re getting all the H20 your body needs.

Look for a water bottle with a handle so that it’s easy to carry as you move around outdoors or throughout the gym. Also, select a bottle with a wide-mouth, easy-to-open top for easy drinking.

3. Healthy Snacks

Maximize your workout by eating a healthy snack after you exercise. This helps your muscles recover faster.

Post-workout you’ll want to munch on something that contains both proteins and carbohydrates. And you’ll need some snacks that are easy to toss in your gym bags.

Energy bars are an easy go-to snack to bring with you. Also consider raw nuts and trail mix, fresh fruits (bananas are the best for your muscle recovery), peanut butter sandwiches, cheese sticks, and jerky. And throw in a packaged protein drink to build extra muscle.

4. Workout Towels

Whether you’re working out at the gym or outdoors, you’re going to perspire. Keep workout towels on hand to sop up the sweat.

Quick-drying microfiber towels are an excellent accessory for any active individual. Microfiber makes the best material for your gym towel because it’s an excellent absorber of all liquids. These fibers can hold up to eight times their weight.

5. Personal Hygiene Items

After a good workout, you’ll want to clean up a bit. So, you should keep some personal hygiene items in your sports kit.

Deodorant is a must after a sweaty workout. If you’re at the gym and have access to a shower, you’ll want to bring shampoo, conditioner, and body and face wash with you.

If you’re at the beach or a park, dry shampoo and body wipes can provide a quick cleansing.

Other must-haves include a hairbrush or comb, and antifungal spray.

6. Waterproof Blanket

When you’re outdoors, a waterproof blanket is an excellent addition to your sports kit.

Need a stretch after a match or a run? Need a space to set your belongings while swimming in the ocean or out on the field? Lay out your blanket as a protective ground cover.

7. Sunscreen

If you’re active while outdoors, you’ll want to use sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Keep a small tube in your sports kit for sunny days.

This will come in handy whether you’re on the beach enjoying the ocean, out for a run, or playing some sports with friends in the park.

8. Massage Ball

Carry a small massage ball in your sports kit to use after any physical activity. Massage balls are excellent for muscle relief after a tough workout.

These smaller massage balls are great for self-massages and allow you to target specific areas that are giving you trouble. They have plastic spikes that work your muscles deeply to help decrease pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms.

Depending on the size of your gym bag, consider also adding a small foam roller to your arsenal of workout supplies. Like massage balls, foam rollers help work out kinks in your muscles. But because of their size, they’re used to target larger muscle groups.

Both items help you recover faster after a workout and help ward off long-term pain and problems with your muscles.

9. First Aid Kit

Whether you’re on the field or at the gym, there are essential first aid items you should keep in your sports kit in case of an emergency.

You’ve probably seen professional athletes taping up ankles or wrists before a game or competition. Athletic or strapping tape is used to apply pressure to your muscles and bones, so they keep a specific position during your activity. This helps with long-term pain and recovery from injuries. Meanwhile, electrical tape comes in handy when keeping your sports or workout equipment together.

Other basic first aid kit items include bandages, gauze pads, scissors, gloves, antiseptic wipes and solution, tweezers, and elastic wraps. Go the extra mile by adding hot and cold packs that utilize chemical reactions to warm up or cool down, pain relievers, and any prescription medication you might take. It’s important to be ready for anything.

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